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Product description

dpMeterXT is a loudness metering plugin and application fully compliant with the EBU R128-2014, ITU-R BS.1770-4, ATSC A/85 and several other regionspecific loudness standards.

dPMeterXT supports multiple channel configurations, from 1.0 up to 9.1/10.0, depending on your system configuration or DAW capabilities.EBUR128

It features large readouts, meters, graphs, measurement history anddatalogging.

With dpMeterXT, you can define the measurement parameters in a very detailed way (i.a. integration time, gating levels, filter).

Broadcast/Music Production Standards/Recommendations

Large and customizable readouts

dpMeterXT displays Integrated/Short Term/Momentary Loudness values, current time, Loudness Range/Peak to Loudness ratio and Peak/TruePeak values. The color of each graphical element can be changed.
Overall loudness or peak level can be easily matched to a given reference level.

Live loudness and TruePeak meters, up to 9.1/10.0 channel configuration

dpMeterXT displays Short Term/Momentary Loudness current/max levels and Peak/Truepeak current/max levels with switchable channel configrations.

Loudness history graph including reports and data export

dpMeterXT displays loudness values as graph over time including loudness distribution. Additionally it can store the measurement data for further comparision.

Weighting Filters

dpMeterXT supports K/A/B/C/M/Custom weighting filters, extended to 100kHz.


dpMeterXT can log all measurements manually or automatically.

CSV data export

dpMeterXT can export all measurement data as csv file for further processing in spreadsheet applications.


GUI/Meter colorsets

Get more colorsets here.

Demo version versus Registered version

In demo mode (without registering) the plugin mutes audio every 90 seconds for a short period. This could be circumvented by clicking on the "dpMeterXT" logo within 90 seconds.


Please download dpMeter XT here.

System Requirements


Please order dpMeterXT registration key here.

References/Useful links





- Fix for default preset
- VST3: Fix writing automation data

- AAX: fixed crash
- GUI Resizing optimized

- Sync: back to pre 1.2.3 behavior

- New preset: ITU-R BS1770-4 LKFS
- VST3: Support WaveLab offline render
- VST3: Fixed sync function in WaveLab

- Small fixes
- Standard A-Weighting added
- Preset: EBU R128 LU +27 adjusted
- Preset: ITU Presets adjusted

- Preset: TASA 82/85 adjusted, erroneous rel. gate fixed
- M-Weighting: adjusted for better performance outside 31.5-31.5k

- Small changes in preset handling
- A/B/C-Weighting adjusted for better performance from 10k-100k

- PLR: show exact mode in log file (Pilr/PsLR)
- AU/VST2/VST3: improved internal preset handling
- Automation: Fixed bug with data writing
- Presets: menu for user presets added
- Manual updated

- PLR: switchable integrated/short term peak to loudness range
- Graph: fixed crash during display update

- Graph: Crash fixed while moving with mouse

- Presets added: Netflix
- VST3 Resize fix
- VST2 Resize fix

- PLR/LRA: Small GUI changes
- Presets added: Tidal, Replay Gain, Pandora

- Public release