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License Transfer Policy ("")

Last updated: Oct, 2019


TB-Software GbR (TBProAudio) software licenses are transferable under the conditions of the following procedure.
Please read it carefully before starting the license transfer.


1) Please write an email to with following content:

a) "License transfer"

b) product name

c) current license holder: full name and email (according license key)

d) new license holder: full name and valid email

2) TB-Software GbR proofs the content and may accept the transfer if provided data is correct. Please to note that license transfer is finally completed with step 5 of this terms.

3) current license holder will receive an email further instructions. It will contain a link to the shop to buy the "TBProAudio Transfer License".

4) As soon as the order is completed, TB-Software GbR will create the license key for the new license holder and sent the new license-key directly to the new license holder.

5) current license holder will receive an email with the content that the current license is no longer valid. The license-key and all copies have to be deleted (no backups etc).

Please to note that the license transfer is completed after finishing step 5).

This procedure may take some time, so we kindly ask for some patience.

If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us.