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Tutorial: How to work with Euphonia

This basic tutorial shows how to use Euphonia during the mastering process.

1) Start

Just start your favorite DAW (in our case Cockos Reaper) and load a blank project. Insert your audio file into a audio track.

2) Prepare Capturing process

Now insert Euphonia into the first plugin slot of the audio track. Please make sure that your master bus carries a limiter plugin (just as audio protection). Also set the locator pair to start/end of the audio file.

3) Capturing process

In our case we use the offline rendering capabilities of Reaper to quickly capture the audio material: Right before starting the render process press the "capture" button in Euphonia. As soon the process is finished press the "stop" button. That's it.

4) Wrap up

Now press the "process" button and listen to Euphonia's sound modification. Adjust the genre of your audio material with the "Tuning" knob. The "A/B" button can be used to switch flawless between processed/unprocessed audio.

Finally get here some ideas about the tools/plugin's to be used during mastering stage.

But keep in mind: use Euphonia as first plugin in your chain in order to reach a define spectrum balance.

So have phun with Euphonia, if you have any questions just let us know

tb-software, May/2014