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GainRider 2

Product description

Gainrider 2 is a (vocal-) gain riding tool which gives fully control over the gain riding process. GainRider 2 is the successor of GainRider, our very popular gain riding plugin. It offers more ride algorithms and reduces plugin delay.

Total control

Gainrider 2 lets you control all aspects of the gain riding process, for the perfect ride!

Total insight

Gainrider 2 gives detailed visual feedback, how your signal is processed, for the perfect ride!


Demo version versus Registered version

In demo mode (without registering) the plugin mutes audio every 90 seconds for a short period. This could be circumvented by clicking on the "GainRider 2" logo within 90 seconds.


Please download GainRider 2 here.

System Requirements



Please order GainRider/GainRider 2 activation key here.


KVRAudio [GainRider]

Gearslutz [GainRider]

musicradar [GainRider]

Customer Reviews

Unisound AB

Just wanted to say that GainRider is one of the best things that ever happened to me! Finally a compressor-like device that listens rather than measure things. It is so musical (when tuned just right) that it is scary!! Thanks for making my life easier and my work flow even faster!! [GainRider]


- Fix: writing automation data

- VST3: PDC fix
- VST3: Fix writing automation data
- PHR: fix for automation data

- Code optimzations

- AAX fix for write automation data

- Fix Logic Pro, Write Automation Data

- Initial release